Reflect Therapy - Online Counselling near Woking

I am an experienced online counsellor in the Woking area of Surrey who has helped people find their way through a variety of difficulties. I work in a person centred way. By this I mean that it is important to me that you feel you are able to bring anything you want to our sessions and talk freely, without fear of judgement or discrimination, so that you feel I am your trusted partner as we work together through the issues you are facing.

I provide online counselling for adults from all backgrounds and have helped people through the following: anxiety, depression, trauma, relationship difficulties and break ups, loneliness, sexual, physical and emotional assault, domestic violence, bullying, difficulties at work and other types of stress, breakdown and burnout, financial difficulties, loss, bereavement and grief, unexpected illness and accident.

In addition to my private practice I work for a local mental health charity which provides support to people who are struggling with a wide range of mental health difficulties.

As a member of the BACP, one of the leading professional bodies for counsellors in UK, I work within the BACP Ethical Framework. This means that I put your needs first and that everything we talk about remains confidential to us (please see my confidentiality agreement).

What is counselling and how do I work?

Choosing to see a counsellor can be a difficult decision and so it is important to me that we are able to build up a trusting relationship. I offer a reduced price initial session so that you can get to know me and how I work, where you can share with me the issues that you are facing and where we can agree how we can work together to find a way through those issues. At this meeting I will explain a little about how I work, but mainly I will listen to you so that I can get a deep understanding of the issues and the effect that these are having on your well-being. We will conclude the meeting by agree whether you wish to continue to see me and, if so, the frequency and timings of our meetings.

During our sessions together I try to create a calm environment where you feel safe to talk about the difficulties that brought you here, at a pace that suits you. I offer an open-ended number of sessions and so you can choose how much you share with me as we go. I will listen openly and empathetically, reflecting the feelings I sense you are experiencing and, in so doing, help you explore your experience in more depth so that, over time, you feel able to move forward in a fulfilling way.

Occasionally, and when the time is right for you, we may review our progress together and reflect on where you feel you are in your process. This may lead to you deciding the time is right for you to leave the counselling process, or it may unearth further issues or new goals for us to work on as we continue our time together. Should you decide to leave there will be the opportunity for us to have one or more final sessions together to prepare you for continuing your journey. You can, of course, return to counselling at any time.

Online Therapy

Online counselling and therapy has become more popular since the start of the Covid pandemic and many of my existing clients as well as my new clients now say that this is their preferred way of working with me. They have commented that not being in the room together in no way interferes with the connection we feel and the benefit they receive.

Online counselling and therapy can have many benefits. It means it is easier for you to work around your own personal schedule as you don’t need to travel to see me. It may be that you find it difficult to travel either due to disability or lack of transportation. Talking to me from the comfort of your own home can help you to feel more relaxed.

I work using the Zoom platform as this is one of the easiest online platforms for clients to use and maintains a high level of security and confidentiality. If you have not used this before I will provide you with all the information you need to get set up and will support you through setting it up and getting connected, so that when we meet we can focus on your issues without interruption.

Costs and sessions

I offer an initial session for £30 and then all sessions are £60 after that. All our sessions are 50 minutes. There may be occasions where you would like an extended session for which I offer 1.5 hours at £90.

My qualifications

· Level 4 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling (Person Centred and Existential approaches)

· Level 3 Certificate in Counselling Skills and Theory

· Level 2 Certificate in Counselling Skills and Theory

· Certificate in Online and Telephone Counselling

As a registered member of the BACP I follow a programme of continuous professional development. Here are some of the workshops I have attended:

· Working with autism

· Counselling autistic clients

· Working with loss and bereavement

· Attachment theory

· Practicing existential therapy

· Working at relational depth

· Working with shame and guilt

· Trauma informed practice

· Trauma and the brain

· Risk Assessment and Suicide

What clients say:

“Steve became the one person in my life who really understood me. I don’t think I would still be here if it wasn’t for Steve”

“Sessions with Steve were amazing! Counselling really helped me with my panic attacks”

“I felt listened to and not judged. This gave me the strength to help myself and the confidence to move forward”

“Steve was brilliant, understanding, empathetic, supportive and helpful. I am truly grateful for his help”

Contact me

You can contact me by calling 07708 937090 or emailing